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About us

Existing quality control processes often lack automated inspection systems and must therefore rely on inefficient manual visual control. As a result, VIRELUX was established to provide advanced solutions for high quality inspection requirements, based on contact-less control of large-field surfaces.

The core competency of VIRELUX lies in the development of dedicated, state of the art, solutions aimed at modernizing critical quality control processes.

T he company has established itself in the market of surface quality inspection with its OptiFrag & OptiGlass Audit Stations for the automotive glazing industry. Both using VIRELUX' proprietary Structured Light Generators, that can also be assembled into standalone, dynamic inspection systems: OptiLux.

Equipments for Optical Field Metrology

With more than 40 years of joint experience, the 2 founders use their combined know-how to develop unique solutions for industrial needs in surface inspection and optical quality control.


Customers generally request the company's services to help them revive outdated processes, suffering from technological stagnation - generating inefficiencies and high operative costs. Consequently, such custom-developed solutions regularly derive into patented technological innovations.


The company also benefits from its SME nature, using a small but highly qualified and dedicated workforce that enables a more reactive and personalized approach to customer demands.

Design & Production

It is quite uncommon to find a company with a strong metrological vocation that also boasts a robust expertise in mechanical engineering. The atypical skill combination provides a unique knowledge platform for the development of novel industrial-grade, metrology equipment.

Optical field metrology requires very specific and accurate light sources. The light source is fundamental for deflectometry-driven temporal shift analysis, particularly for large-surface or complex shape measurements. State of the art solutions would require curved, dynamic and continuous light source.

VIRELUX Inspection Systems has therefore specialized in the latest available display technology, building its own proprietary modular LED screens. Specifically engineered for metrology applications, ranging from audit stations to dynamic light tunnels.  


3D Scanner

We provide dynamic lighting systems

for large surface inspection

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