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3D Scanner

Absolute 3D of shape & defects

Using an inventive approach, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing and metrological processing, we provide innovative breakthrough technologies that continually enable smarter solution.


The CAROSCAN scanner enables fast and objective diagnostics within 1 minute of scanning. After software processing, an automatic PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) repair estimate is provided allowing for consistent and repeatable 3D results leading metrics to complete the estimate using the most accurate method available in the market place. We offers an online cloud computing outputs with links to enterprise information systems.


The concept allows for easy transportation (without a heavy-duty license) and quick installation (without any need of leverage) at the disaster scene. All the necessary components are stored in a dedicated trailer <3.5 tons, to be mounted completely autonomously in a few hours by 2 persons.


Provide three-dimentional damage report

The basic principle is deflectometry, similar to a claim adjuster’s procedure. In contrast to a human observer, the distortion after reflection of a lines pattern on the vehicle’s surface is observed.


In one case it is done subjectively by eyes in the second case (our technology) it is done by camera trough perfectly controlled environment allowing absolute measurements. We then go from subjectivity to objectivity (metrology).


The distortion are caused by the vehicle shape and locally by the defects. By computing analysis of the reflection, even the smallest surface defects can be reliably detected and quantified to deliver an objective auto calibrated 3D measurement result including the defects on a 3D metric scale.


Hail catastrophe events require diagnosis and expertise adapted to massive number of vehicle damage claims. Exploring the damage to provide appraisal is often a long process for insurance experts, especially in case of hail damage assessment of a large number of vehicles. Insurance companies have been looking for a modernized way to efficiently and accurately inspect and assess damages. Visual inspection are subjective and not adapted to quick diagnosis of high volume.   


Automating the entire process with an accurate estimate is crucial to achieve efficiency in the claims process from assessment of the PDR estimate, the integration offers customers increased efficiency, productivity and higher accuracy in their hail damage claims as insurance companies.

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Gold Trophy International Automotive Innovation

The CAROSCAN equipment has been specifically designed for the analysis of hail damage, in particular to identify, measure and classify the severity of hail dents, including the style lines and regardless of type and color of the vehicle.


The technology has the major advantage to provide absolute 3D measurement results of the entire vehicle, from global geometry until local defects which makes it possible to extend its field of application to other problems of damages like scratches.

All of the body element can be displayed in 3D with automatic counting and classification of the dents which can be subdivided not only according to diameter or depth, but also by combination of metric parameters like surface, volume… Hail dents can be easily differentiate from other dents by signature.  


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